Night school was a waste of time

I am about to complete my BA in business management which included a unit on
employment law. Prior to this I completed my HND in business and personnel.
After four years of night school, I have discovered that the CIPD only
recognises post-graduate qualifications for accreditation towards its standard.
Have I wasted four years, or do you think this study would be enough to pass an
assessment test, which I understand is an option? As my age is already against
me, I don’t want to spend another three years studying.

Suzanne Taylor, HR consultant, Macmillan Davies Hodes

Your HND in business and personnel will indeed give you eligibility for
exemption to both ‘managing activities’ and ‘managing people’ units of the
CIPD. However, it is only eligibility – it is down to individual universities
as to whether or not they give you the exemption, so it is worth shopping
around between universities. Of course, this also means that you must be
prepared to study for the remaining electives to complete the qualification. In
terms of the assessment route, this does need post-graduate level qualifications
to progress towards CIPD membership, so further study will be a necessity.

You can be reassured that your four years of study have not been a waste of
time, but equally, it is not the end of the road. Hang on in there,
qualification will be worth the effort. For further information regarding
exemptions and courses, it is worth you contacting the CIPD directly.

Peter Sell, joint managing director, DMS consultancy

What you have achieved to date should not be considered a waste of time. You
have shown commitment by attending night school and now have a degree in
business management. It is essential for HR professionals to have an
understanding of business.

The issue for you now is the CIPD qualification. As you rightly state, the
CIPD will only accredit post-graduate qualifications as the new CIPD standards
are deemed to be at Masters level. Therefore, it will be necessary to review
your options. How important is it for you to gain the CIPD qualification?

You have been misinformed about an assessment test, as there is no such
thing. I am afraid your options are limited to undertaking the CIPD
qualification at college, or looking at the work-based professional assessment
route, which gives you CIPD Graduate Membership and can be completed in a year.

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