NLP: Can we start again?

Joint managing director of personal development consultancy Noggin, Daryll Scott, has published a challenging new business title, ‘Can We Start Again? The Patterns of NLP Applied to Business Interactions’, a definitive work in the world of personal training endorsed by the co-creator of neuro-linguistic programming Dr John Grinder.

Scott has been delighted with the reaction to his work: “It still seems strange that I’ve actually written a book, it happened almost by accident. I began writing articles as a response to a real requirement, and after some extremely positive feedback from practitioners and trainers of NLP, my incoherent ramblings evolved into a finished manuscript that is strongly endorsed by Dr Grinder.

“I happen to know that John hasn’t endorsed a book since the late 80s, so it has given me much more confidence in my work and credibility in the wider context that he has given the book his seal of approval. With John’s endorsement this could become one of the leading works on NLP worldwide.”

Dr Grinder is also the co-developer of New Code NLP and has given a rare endorsement to Scott’s work: “I judge Daryll’s efforts to be very effective and I welcome his contribution to the growing movement to position New Code NLP in the business community and in the larger context.”

Daryll’s intriguing corporate guide has been written with two types of readers in mind:

  • For newcomers to NLP it’s an accessible, practical, introductory text in the context of business, so that readers can put the patterns to use immediately

  • For the NLP community, it’s a set of metaphors and natural examples that may help in communicating and utilising NLP in the context of business. 

It provides a practical guide to the use of NLP in specific business contexts such as presentations, public speaking and negotiation.

It explains the “science” of NLP in layman’s terms, supported with numerous examples and anecdotes, and provides an easy-to-use framework for development and implementation of the skills necessary to put NLP into practice.

Scott continued: “My personal mission is to contribute to the further development of New Code NLP. There is a dogshit attached to the shoe of NLP and it will need to be cleaned up if NLP is to take its rightful place as a legitimate methodology for scientific endeavour. I hope that this book will go some way to readdressing the myths that surround the subject.”

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