Northerners are the heaviest drinkers

Northerners are the country’s heaviest drinkers, with about half the men and
a quarter of the women drinking above medically recommended safe levels, and
young people are following in their parents’ footsteps.

The State of the Nation report by Alcohol Concern reports that 60 per cent
of employers said they have experienced problems with employees drinking.

One person in 13 is dependent on alcohol, while twice as many are hooked on
other substances, including prescription drugs.

Death rates from chronic liver disease have soared since the 1970s, with an
eight-fold increase among men and a seven-fold rise among women aged 35 to 44.

Yet despite the regional difference, a disproportionate number of the
country’s 507 alcohol counselling and treatment services – 28.5 per cent – were
in London and the South-East.

Alcohol Concern’s chief executive Eric Appleby said: "We have a history
in this country of dealing with the symptoms of alcohol misuse rather than the
root causes – and this means we have generally been on the back foot, trying to
respond to problems as best we can."

Drinking above recommended safe levels (%)

Region                                                 Men     Women

Merseyside                                           46        28
North West                                          45        27
North East                                            44        26
Yorkshire and    Humberside                42        23
East Midlands                                       43        23
South East                                            39        23
South West                                          35        21
East                                                      31        20
West Midlands                                     35        19
London                                                31        19

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