Nuclear workers vote to accept Acas-brokered pay deal

at the Sellafield Nuclear plant have voted five to one in favour of accepting a
pay deal that will bring an end to industrial action at the site.

deal between the unions and BNFL was brokered by conciliation body Acas and
will see shift pay rise by £2,000 in the next three years.

new deal will see 2,400 shift workers achieve parity with their white collar
colleagues at the organisation by 2006. In addition, there will be extra
pension benefits for anyone who retires in the interim.

Strutton, GMB national secretary for energy said: "I am delighted that we
have negotiated a fair compromise with BNFL which our members at Sellafield
have accepted. The increases to shift pay would be worth £5m to our members and
will be phased in over a three-years to spread the cost to BNFL.

am pleased the industrial action was conducted safely and we can now look
forward to the restoration of normal relations at Sellafield," he added.

By Ross Wigham

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