Nurses face disciplinary action over Christmas cake theft

Three nurses were facing disciplinary action last week for one of the most hideous crimes known to employees. The three villains of Mayday Hospital, Croydon, were hauled in front of bosses after being caught on CCTV cameras eating chocolate cake that was not theirs.

Yes, honourable HR professionals, these greedy creatures broke the first rule of the workplace: thou shalt not munch another employee’s afternoon snack.

Apparently, the calorie-laden treat had been donated to nurses who had selflessly spent their Christmases saving lives on the Accident & Emergency ward. But the three opportunists from other sections of the hospital saw their chance and took it without asking questions.

Bosses are taking the ‘theft’ seriously. And rightly so – a stand must be made against those who spoil other workers’ hard-earned sugar breaks.

Guru imagines that these are exactly the type of employees who never get the tea in, always accept biscuits from fellow workers, and make sure they arrive at the pub once everyone already has a drink.

Come to think of it, maybe those should all be sacking offences, too.

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