Office ‘meldrews’ damaging morale

Grumpy bosses and surly colleagues who don’t even say ‘good morning’ to
other staff are damaging the morale and motivation of workers in the UK.

Although the season of goodwill is fast approaching, politeness is in short
supply in the workplace, with 40 per cent of staff admitting their colleagues
don’t even say good morning. And 25 per cent complained their own good morning
greetings were simply ignored.

Research by business supplier Office Smart found that 92 per cent of
employees think politeness at work is vitally important.

Elena Neville, marketing director at the firm, said the survey showed
Britain’s workers weren’t as polite as they should be, and 78 per cent felt it
damaged motivation. "We all know what it’s like when a manager barks at us
and tells us to do something without saying please or thank you and it clearly
affects people’s motivation," she said.

The survey also shows the office creep is alive and well with 30 per cent
admitting they are more polite to the boss than other more junior staff.

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