Office staff verge on violence

than half the office staff in the UK have nearly punched a colleague, research

survey carried out by recruitment agency Pertemps shows 53 per cent of workers
have been brought to the brink of violence by ‘office rage’, with colleagues
the most likely cause.

study, based on research among 450 office workers across Britain, reveals that
two thirds of those surveyed get angry at colleagues shouting across the office
and talking over people at meetings.

computers, excessive workloads and interruptions during telephone conversations
are also likely to lead to loss of temper.

study shows that women are the most likely to nearly resort to violence while
their male colleagues are more inclined to shout.

chairman Tim Watts said: "The latest annual British Crime Survey reveals
1.3 million incidents of violence at work, involving 604,000 workers.

are several pieces of legislation relating to violence in the workplace,
including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

is important that employers are aware of their responsibilities in this

advises regular consultation between employers and employees to identify
potential areas of conflict.

By Ben Willmott

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