OH pioneer Artus retires to quiet life in Canada

Occupational health pioneer, Kit Artus, is stepping down as chairwoman of
OH, safety and stress management company Cheviot Artus to retire to Canada.

Artus, 61, plans to move to the town of Sechelt, British Columbia, with
husband Ray, although she will maintain an advisory role with the Cheviot
companies, which includes recruitment agency Cheviot Recruitment.

A former chairwoman of the RCN’s Society of Occupational Health Nursing,
Artus was one of the first OH nurses to become an occupational health and
safety manager for a major international corporation, Unigate. She also worked
with Ranks Hovis McDougall and Berkshire Area Health Authority before becoming
a consultant in 1992.

"There are far more opportunities now for OH nurses to work as key
members of the team managing the healthcare of the workforce," she said.

"My only concern is that more and more nurses with a first degree in OH
are coming into the workplace with significant gaps in their knowledge."

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