Omniplex becomes Bloomfire’s first certified partner

Omniplex, the internationally known e-learning solutions provider, has signed a reseller agreement with Bloomfire to become its first certified partner. Bloomfire is a contemporary social media tool which provides a way to share knowledge within an organisation or group.

With a search facility, multimedia authoring tools, mobile access and a powerful answer engine, Bloomfire is a learning platform that allows users to sign in as a ‘teacher’ and upload learning materials and, as a ‘learner’, to access appropriate learning materials. Of course, users could be both teachers and learners.

Matthew Lloyd, managing director of Omniplex, explained: “Up to now, Omniplex provided e-learning authoring, delivery, tracking and reinforcement products and services – but we hadn’t specifically addressed the social media space.

“We came across Bloomfire recently at Learning Solutions, in Orlando, Florida, and we were impressed that it is a social media tool that has been specifically developed for the e-learning community.

“It’s based on the idea that everyone is a learner and a teacher,” he continued. “Indeed, Bloomfire’s ethos is that both learning and teaching are how we all become ‘better human beings’.

“Importantly, Bloomfire is about recognising, embracing and celebrating what perhaps we once knew but have forgotten: that learning is a shared mystery. We learn from other people – and our joint futures, potential and promise are inevitably and perpetually intertwined.”

Principally intended for subject matter experts – in the manner of a rapid authoring tool – Bloomfire allows users who log on to the system as a teacher to create simple learning materials.

Those who log on to the system as a learner can search for appropriate learning content and then follow that content. Learners can also elect to ‘follow’ certain teachers – in a similar way to following someone on Twitter – and so be alerted to any learning materials that that teacher uploads to the system.

Bloomfire’s CEO, Josh Little, commented: “We’re pleased that Omniplex will be the first certified Bloomfire partner. It’s clear that Omniplex is bringing together the best of the industry products and services for their global client base.

“As far as we’re concerned: Omniplex and Bloomfire – it’s a chocolate and peanut butter story!” he smiled.

“Omniplex will manage Bloomfire subscriptions for our clients,” said Lloyd. “And we add further value through our ‘Bloomfire Ignition’ professional services programme, which ensures that Bloomfire communities are launched effectively and generate the greatest uptake and impact within an organisation.

“Bloomfire is another ‘e-product’ that fits well with the expanding Omniplex portfolio,” he added. “Moreover, it fits Omniplex’s three criteria for the products we offer, in that it’s easy-to-use, affordable and innovative.”


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