Omniplex managing director at European e-learning Summit

The European e-learning Summit delegates – drawn from Europe’s top e-learning strategists, content and systems developers from the private and public sectors as well as academiadiscussed the European and world markets for e-learning, identified industry trends and the key issues in e-learning today. The Summit was organised by Learning Light, the Sheffield-based company which focuses on promoting the use of e-learning and learning technologies, and was supported by learndirect and by Creativesheffield.

In addition to key UK figures in the e-learning world, including Piers Lea, managing director LINE Communications, Lars Hyland (Epic), Tracy Capaldi-Drewett (REDTRAY) and Rob Arntsen of MyKnowledgeMap, delegates came from Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic and even – in an observer capacity – from Australia.

Lloyd commented: “Discussing key issues in e-learning – such as the shift from bespoke e-learning content creation to the in-house use of rapid authoring tools; the growth of e-learning for mobile delivery, and the morphing of structured e-learning programmes into less structured electronic performance support – was most stimulating.

“Moreover, I believe that the delegates reached a consensus on a way forward for the industry which should help to raise its profile as well as help it contribute to the approaching economic recovery.

“I was delighted to have taken part in this process and look forward to the continuing discussions and the developments flowing from the Summit,” he said.


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