On-line recruiter searches for solution to bogus skills

The director of on-line recruitment site JobShark has admitted it has not found a solution to the problem of proving the authenticity of its users.

Max Butti said, “It is up to the jobhunter using the site to ensure that they enter the skills they actually have. “It is certainly not in their interest to put in bogus skills because I would put this in my black book for future reference.”

But he claimed the system that JobShark uses solves the problem of confidentiality by making each form anonymous and alerting jobseekers by e-mail when a match is found.

Butti warned that the system would mean the “death of the CV” because it was programmed to recognise skills rather than certain key words and so was better at selecting appropriate candidates.

Potential employees enter their profile on to the database and employers fill out the skills set necessary for the job they have on offer. Suitable candidates are then matched to jobs.


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