On-line recruiters under scrutiny

A war of words raged across the electronic ether this week when a report claimed on-line job sites are selling Internet job-hunters short.

Conventional engineering recruitment company Wynnwith commissioned David Hall, a 53-year-old unemployed project manager from Surrey, to log on to 12 major job sites to see if he could find work.

Hall claims he received one job interview but remains out of work after three months of Internet job-hunting. He said on-line recruitment sites repeatedly advertise the same jobs, offer inflated salaries to make jobs more appealing, employ poorly trained recruitment agents and make unsubstantiated claims about security of personal information.

Daniel Elkins, CEO of jobs site TheSkillsMarket, added fuel to the fire by claiming most of the information on offer on recruitment sites is superfluous.

He said, “Job sites attract people by claiming huge volumes but when you consider the value of the information you have to question their approach.

Michael Maher, HR director of on-line jobs site StepStone – which is named in the report – said, “There are millions of people who have access to on-line recruitment sites and job-hunters can set up a system so that when a job comes up it matches their skills.”


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