One Briton in 10 wants shorter working hours

and more Britons say they are overworked and want to work shorter hours.

published by the Office for National Statistics shows one in 10 workers said
they would take a pay cut in order to work fewer hours.

the workers who want to work fewer hours as ‘overemployed’, the office said the
number of people overemployed is growing.

Labour Force Survey found there are more than 2.9 million workers who want to
work fewer hours, and 2.3 million who would like to work more.

most likely to be overemployed are older workers, managers, those in top-paying
occupations, and workers who have been with their employers for a long time.

average, workers who consider themselves overemployed work 46.1 hours a week,
2.4 hours longer than the rest.

By Quentin Reade




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