One-day masterclasses on managing wellbeing and preventing stress

Professor Derek Mowbray, of the Management Advisory Service, is pleased to announce a series of one day Masterclasses entitled Managing Wellbeing and Preventing Stress.

The seminars, taking place in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester and London, May to July, cover organisational and management actions that improve wellbeing, prevent work-related stress and enhance performance. Practical guidance on effective wellbeing interventions and return-on-investment will also be discussed.

Professor Mowbray aims to raise awareness of the NICE guidance and Government initiatives and to provide practical advice on implementing the guidance so that staff wellbeing and performance improves in measurable ways. 

The seminars, which are also available as in-house workshops, are appropriate for anyone involved in employee wellbeing and performance.

The course content will include:
*  The new NICE guidance on Promoting Mental Wellbeing at Work: What is it; who is it for?
*  How this links to and builds on previous Government initiatives e.g. HSE Management Standards (Stress);
*  Why an emphasis on enhancing wellbeing is likely to be more effective than just reducing stress?
*  Links between mental wellbeing and performance: organisational, individual
*  Calculating the cost of mental ill health in your organisation
*  Reliable, effective tools for measuring mental wellbeing at work
*  Wellbeing and Performance Agenda:  Introduction and Implementation
*  Creating a Positive Working Culture
*  Generating Employee Engagement
*  Role of managers in promoting mental wellbeing; training implications
*  Interventions for employees: prevention, resilience, stress management
*  Evaluating the success of wellbeing strategies; Measurement; ROI tools

Whilst these content-rich seminars will be presented in a lecture-style there will be plenty of opportunities for questions. Delegates will be provided with access to extensive information resources to help promote mental wellbeing and implement a wellbeing and performance agenda.

The presenters will be :

Derek Mowbray, Director of MAS, Visiting Professor of Psychology at  Northumbria University, is a Chartered Psychologist and Scientist, with a doctorate in leadership. Professor Mowbray focuses on the behaviour of leaders and managers in relation to their employees, and helps them to develop behaviours that encourage commitment, trust and staff engagement.  Derek’s techniques include problem focused coaching, cognitive coaching, group work and consultancy.

Alan Bradshaw, Director of MAS, Director of Surveys and Benchmarks for QoWL, is a specialist in stress risk assessment, stress management and wellbeing at work.    Alan has developed stress and wellbeing diagnostic tools, training programmes and frameworks that are widely used.  QoWL have developed psychometric tools for measuring wellbeing and quality of working life in organisations, including analysis and benchmarking of stress and wellbeing  for a number of Universities and organisations such as the TUC, RNLI, BBC.

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