One-fifth of staff suffer bias at work

Discrimination is alive and well in the workplace with one in five adults saying they have suffered from it in some form.

Ageism is the most common, with a third of adults believing they have failed to get a job or been passed over for promotion due to their age. Two-thirds of them were discriminated against for being too old, but the other third claimed they were discriminated against for being too young.

The Gallop survey published this week adds to the growing body of evidence that the voluntary code of practice on ageism is not working and employers are failing to tackle the problem.

Lack of progress means the Government will be more likely to introduce legislation against ageism in its next term. Europe is also threatening to introduce a law (Personnel Today, 20 June).

Being the wrong gender was cited by 22 per cent of people, who had experienced discrimination, as the reason for failing to get a job.

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