Online job-seeking grows 29% in six months, says Workthing

Six months on from its original research into online recruitment,
has conducted another survey to find out how online recruitment has moved on.

The research was conducted by BMRB in September 2000 who interviewed 3,000
people using computer assisted telephone interviewing.

The research found that in the last six months the total number of internet
users in the UK has grown from 13.4m to 14.3m. Online job seekers now account
for 38% of all internet users, an increase of 1.4 million since Spring 2000.

The survey also found that:

Online job seeking has grown by 29%

More female users (40%) have been looking for jobs
online (35% in Spring 2000)

Approximately 400,000 people have now obtained jobs

The online job seeking population has grown not only in number, but also in
confidence, sophistication and focus.

Online users have become much more experienced in the
last six months; there are now 35% more “senior”’ internet users

69% more recruitment site users are prepared to upload
their CV

One in five online job seekers have uploaded their CVs
onto a recruitment site, compared to just one in eight six months ago

34% more online job seekers are searching for a
specific job

60% more users want career advice

41% more are looking for company information

39% more want employment news  

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