Online jobseekers more confident about equality

Applying for jobs online reduces the risk of racism affecting the
recruitment process, according to recruitment website

Its survey of more than 4,000 jobseekers across the UK found that one in
five people thinks internet recruitment is less likely to be affected by racism
than other recruitment routes – although 6 per cent said it was more likely.

Many respondents said that when assessing online job applications, employers
look at applicants’ skills and experience and are not distracted by their skin
colour or ethnic background.

Niccola Swan, diversity director at Barclays, welcomed the findings, but
said the results were not as far-reaching as they might sound.

"If the research demonstrates that, it’s good news because more and
more employers are going down that route," she said. "But, most first
stage applications are online or on paper anyway."

A lot of Barclays’ graduate recruitment starts online and Swan said the bank
had a very high success rate in terms of attracting and hiring ethnic minorities.

Even when using the internet, said Swan, there is still the potential for

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