Outsourcing route to board

Outsourcing your HR function could be your ticket to get on the board, according to Diane Shelgren, managing director of global HR outsourcing at PricewaterhouseCoopers US.

“It is what you need to do if you are to have a role on the board as a strategic business provider,” she told delegates.

She advised HR professionals outsourcing services to take a comprehensive approach to drafting contracts. “The onus is on you to mitigate all the risks you can think of by putting a good contract together with a supplier. I am not talking about a five-page contract. It needs to be more like a five-book contract.”

She highlighted the need to allow for future developments, to set clear performance criteria and to draw up comprehensive service level agreements. Establishing a partnership with your provider and clearly assigning liability is also important.

Shelgren said support for outsourcing from senior managers and leaders is crucial if it is to be successful. “I would walk away from a deal which did not have the support of senior leadership.”

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