Outsourcing tops league of change in businesses

is by far the most common change in organisations, according to a survey.

prevalence of change is reflected in the fact that 88 per cent of respondents
indicate that their organisation has undergone some form of change in the past
two years.

half of the people surveyed by Roffey Park’s The Management Agenda 2001 say the
change has resulted in the introduction of a new IT system.

per cent of respondents cite outsourcing as the most popular change in

working was the third most popular change, on nearly 40 per cent. Contractors
follow closely on 37 per cent, as does virtual teaming on 36 per cent.

per cent report that change has affected their role. Fifty-eight per cent of
managers say they now work in different type of teams, while 53 per cent claim
they work longer hours due to changes. www.roffeypark.com

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