Park City comment – HR jobs slashed across UK

Park City, Human resources management company, comment on Personnel Today article – HR jobs slashed across uk.

Following the article published in Personnel Today concerning the demise of the in-house HR function, Juliet Price, MD of Park City Consulting and Chairman of the Essex Branch of the Institute of Directors, contended;

“Firms must now move to a more flexible, cost effective HR support function and that is why outsourced HR companies like Park City represent the future of the HR function…the benefits for organisations of outsourced HR management include; cost savings, an efficient, flexible, creative HR workforce and the peace of mind that your legal compliance is always up-to-date”.

“One of the main arguments against outsourcing HR is that the service is impersonal and that the outsourced firm does not understand the nature of each individual business. This is wholly incorrect, as we demonstrate at Park City.

“We have a very close relationship with each of our clients and we pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to each firm’s specific requirements. Our clients also know that they can contact us about any HR issue, 24 hours a day”, said Juliet Price.

The Personnel Today article also highlighted that career paths are becoming restricted for many HR professionals. Juliet Price countered this argument by asserting that;

“At Park City we have a multi-skilled, highly flexible outsourced HR workforce who can offer mediation, coaching, mentoring and training above the basic qualifications of many HR professionals, that is, the opportunities for multi-talented HR professionals will continue to arise, especially at companies like Park City, as the outsourced HR field continues to grow”.

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