Partnership vital to global survival

If you are nor already on the partnership boat, there is a good chance you have missed it. Allied Distillers HR director Andy Newhall told delegates.

Newhall warned partnership was essential if organisations are to compete in a global economy.

He said Allied Distillers’ plants in Spain and Mexico are now as efficient as those in the UK. “Four years ago two plants in Spain were being consolidated and jobs were being lost. This year they were talking about partnership.”

Allied Distillers has eight major production units worldwide. “They all use machinery made in Germany, they all talk about knowledge management.

“Partnership is not a choice, it is something you have to do if you are going to survive.”

Ross Dunn, managing director of Incahoots, said quality of staff will soon be the only important difference between organisations. “The ideas behind partnership are not going to be optional, they will be absolutely mandatory if you want to survive.”

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