Passport to a safer workplace

IOSH has joined forces with the Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) to launch a new
passport to improve health and safety training across industry. Officially
launched in London last month in the presence of HSE director-general Timothy
Walker, the IOSH-SPA Passport benefits both contractors and client companies.

Contractors whose workers are in possession of the passport will gain a
competitive advantage when bidding for work as they will be able to demonstrate
knowledge of accredited health and safety training. Clients will be able to
ensure that induction focuses on the specific needs of their site and project,
thus increasing the overall efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the

The passport unites the reputation, quality control and resources of IOSH’s
health and safety training provision with SPA’s experience in passport scheme
operation, programme design and client liaison to provide two days of training.

Day one is the core day and incorporates seven modules covering basic health
and safety training, including safety, fire precautions, first aid, hazardous
substances and manual handling. The second day is sector-specific and is
written and developed by industry. The food and drink industry is the first to
offer the Passport, with the scheme being tailored to further sectors including
engineering and petrol retail.

Security and integrity are key features and advantages and the Passport
includes a tamperproof photograph, a special ultra-secure "holocote"
finish, a foil hologram and signature strip to help prevent fraud. It also
displays details of the individual’s training accomplishments to date.

For further information on the IOSH-SPA Passport scheme, contact Sarah
Walker, Passport Administrator, tel: 0116-257 3180.

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