Pay awards vary widely in public-sector deals

Nurses and medical support staff came out top in the annual round of
public-sector pay deals last year, according to figures from Incomes Data

About 444,000 nurses and 53,000 support staff will benefit from an award of
4.7 per cent – with up to 12 per cent for newly qualified nurses. This compares
with 3-4 per cent received by two-thirds of public-sector staff, the 1999-2000
Pay in the Public Services report shows.

Other groups to gain were the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s 4,800
staff and the 60,000 non-industrial staff at the Ministry of Defence who also
received awards of 4.7 per cent.

They were topped only by the senior salaries review body, where some civil
servants received 10.5 per cent, although these were merit rises with some
staff receiving no increase.

Overall awards were higher than the private sector, where there were more
deals under 3 per cent. But average earnings are still higher in the private
sector at £401.30 a week against £394.40 in the public sector.

The lowest awards went to Manchester Airport employees and the fire service
who received 1.45 and 2 per cent respectively.

The lower increases in the private sector were put down to low inflation and
near-recession in parts of manufacturing.

By Dominique Hammond

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