Pay gulf widens as HR staff move up the ladder

The yawning gap between the pay of public and private sector HR
professionals has been revealed by a survey of almost 7,000

The findings confirm what we have suspected all along that the pay gulf
widens with seniority. While the gap between private sector HR managers and
those in the public sector is more than £5,000 (around 14 per cent of salary),
the difference at HR director level is more than £16,000 (nearly 21 per cent).

However, the pay discrepancies are not causing public sector HR workers to
flee, as roughly the same proportion of public sector and private sector
employees are keeping an eye on the jobs market.

Around 30 per cent of respondents (both public and private) are actively
seeking a new job, and a further 51 per cent of public sector and 46 per cent
of private sector HR professionals say they would jump ship if the right job
came along.

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