Pay static despite apparent unrest

Pay deals continue to be low and the trend will continue, according to
Industrial Relations Services.

The latest figures from IRS show pay settlements in the three months to
February 2002 remain at 2.5 per cent, unchanged from the previous three months
to January 2002. The overall spread of settlements narrowed slightly – with
half of all deals now worth between 2 and 3.1 per cent.

Jeremy Baugh, editor of the IRS Pay and Benefits Bulletin, said: "The
easing of the labour market pressures combined with a low and stable
inflationary climate, is likely to keep pay settlements in check and we expect
our headline measure to remain around the plateau of 2.5 per cent over the
first half of this year."

The IRS report said all evidence points to a continuation of docile
bargaining behaviour in the months ahead.

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