Payout for HR manager after sexist taunts

A personnel manager has won nearly £18,000 in compensation after enduring sexist comments from male colleagues for two years.

Linda Moran told an employment tribunal she became sick with stress as a result of her treatment at RBR Armour, which makes military weapons.

Moran said she was expected to make tea and answer the phone even when she was promoted to personnel manager but her male colleagues were not expected to do these tasks.

She said her manager would start telling a dirty joke but would not finish it until she left the room.

The 33-year-old, who was not allowed to wear trousers to work, was signed off sick by her GP and consequently lost her job at the firm, which she had joined in October 1997.

Moran told Personnel Today she had been worried about taking her unfair dismissal and sex discrimination claims to an employment tribunal but hoped the verdict would encourage other women who suffered from sexual discrimination to make a stand.

She said, “The day I was in court was horrendous but the decision on its own has made it worthwhile.

“The more people who take cases like this to tribunal the less likely it is that this sort of thing will continue happening.”

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