PearceMayfield is number one in change management

Learning and development company, pearcemayfield, has been hailed the UK’s top training organisation in change management. Statistics released by The Association of Project Management Group (APMG-UK) has revealed that pearcemayfield not only trained the highest number of candidates taking its Change Management Foundation exam, but achieved a 100% pass rate during the period July to December 2009.

John Edmonds, Head of Training and Innovation at pearcemayfield says:  “Change management makes sense of the disciplines of project, programme and risk management because it’s all about how people and organisations respond to the change that the projects and programmes look to bring about.

“We have offered accredited training in change management for a while now, and it is rewarding to be the top training organisation in this field.”

Building on this success, pearcemayfield has now launched a new Change Management Practitioner course. John Edmonds explains: “With around £200 billion spent in the UK each year on change initiatives, change has become fundamental to hundreds of organisations in today’s fast moving commercial world. So, businesses should be looking seriously at understanding change, if they want to thrive.

“This latest course goes deeper into the concepts, models and metaphors of change, and I am convinced that those involved in any change initiative will benefit greatly from it.”

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