Pensions promise is unaffordable dream

When will the government wake up? The fact is we are promising pensions to public sector employees that we will never be able to afford (, 11 February).

Ministers and MPs should set an example by both cutting the rate of accrual of their own benefits, and extending their retirement ages. Gordon Brown is fond of telling private sector staff that they should work to the age of 70, so why limit the increase in the retirement age in the public sector to 65? Come on Mr Brown – take a dose of your own medicine.

Is it right that those in the private sector, whose own pensions have been raided by Brown to the tune of around 6bn a year since 1997, should be made to finance pensions for him and other public sector employees? Is this his vision of a fair society with level playing fields for all?

Mike Fosberry
Director and head of pensions and financial planning services
Smith & Williamson

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