Patterson has been appointed personnel director at the Red Bull Company. He
first started working at the group as a consultant in the summer of 2001, when
he implemented a change programme. In his new role, he will direct all HR
activity for the UK and Ireland as well as having an influence in the company’s
international operations.

did you get involved with Red Bull?

began working with Red Bull as a consultant to prepare and implement the
development of the company from a marketing-based business of 30 people, to a
closely-integrated sales and marketing organisation of more than 170.

are your main duties?

direct all HR and related issues for Red Bull in the UK and Ireland, as well as
liaison with Red Bull International operations based in Austria.

do you want to achieve in the role?

the creativity, passion and innovation of Red Bull, while adding a strong
commercial focus and direction through the training, development and
recruitment of great people.

the best thing about HR?

opportunity to be involved in all areas of business activity, both formally and
informally. Compared to other management disciplines, so little of your
experience and knowledge base loses its relevance. There’s also the relief of
not being benchmarked or measured as much as the rest of the business.

are you most excited about?

the exceptional talent we have recruited with the business during the past year
to blend and complement those who have given Red Bull its success to date.

will you use HR to impact the bottom line?

giving structure and insight to develop the commercial value and impact of our
people, while ensuring the Red Bull culture, which drives our innovation and
success, remains paramount.

about your personal life?

am married with three boys under 12 so I am an expert in World Wrestling
Entertainmentª moves, Playstation cheats and contemporary names for bodily
functions. I enjoy playing the sports I can still manage (like skiing or squash),
and drinking while watching those I can’t. A fun and socially-active working
environment is one of the best ways to cope with the challenges of work and
home life.


Personnel director, the Red Bull Company

Various roles including personnel director, Matthew Clark Plc

Judge, Institute of Management, Cambridge University

Employee relations manager, Grand Metropolitan Brewing

Employee relations adviser, Mobil Oil Company

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McLeod is the new HR manager at car manufacturer Kia Motors. The company has
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Smith has been promoted from development manager to HR director for Allied
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