People development starts with the line

Line managers play a pivotal role in any plans made by HR and training professionals, as this issue of Training Magazine demonstrates.

For example, our latest research into new training solutions found that the support commitment from the participant’s line manager was vital when planning an activity and was named as such by 77 per  cent of UK respondents.

Our Transatlantic Blended Learning Survey 2004 points out that this is a factor way ahead of money considerations such as participant costs and the return on the investment from the training.

Despite doubts raised by the Ashridge Management Index the UK is really backing the role of the line manager going forward as 91.5 per cent of our respondents wish to see such a role increasing. Turn to our analysis of the survey to read more.

So how can training professionals involve the line? Response to our Talking Points finds that most of you are already working hard to engage managers.

One of the most effective methods is the simplest, readers tell us, such as when the manager and staff decide together on the learning needed and find a solution that fits – often through talking to the learning department.

Follow up is also most effective at its simplest – the manager talks to the delegate about what they have gained and how to put it into practice. If the learning department sits in on this too, they will be close to attaining the sought-after position of facilitator.

So what do you think? We welcome your feedback. Write to me at the e-mail address below if you have further comment and advice on engaging line managers.


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