Perfect job is still just a dream for majority of executives

dream job has proved to be elusive for the overwhelming majority of more than
17,000 executives who completed a recent online survey.

5 per cent of people who took part in the survey report they are in the perfect
job for them.

Bell, a senior adviser with Bernard Haldane Associates, which sponsored the
poll, commented, "A staggering percentage of people settle for postitions
that pay the bills, but which leave them emotionally unfulfilled.

people simply don’t know what they want to do. It takes imagination an a
strategic game plan to find your dream job."

advises people looking to change careers to take a personality test to find out
which areas they might have an afinity with, look back on education fields
which they enjoyed and consider their hobbies and interests to see if they are
areas which might lead to a possible new career.

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