Personal profile

What is the most important lesson you have leant in your career?

Maintain your personal credibility and integrity, keep communication channels open and take responsibility when things go wrong.

What is the strangest situation you have had to deal with at work?

Dealing with an irate bailiff who arrived on my doorstep telling me he understood I was responsible for a certain employee’s financial affairs – not mine I hasten to add.

Imagine being stranded on a desert island with enough food for only two people. Who would you choose as your companion?

My wife Mairead. Some time on our own, at last – no children, phone or dog

If you had three wishes to change your company, what would they be?

Generate a wider reputation for providing expert advice and support, more customers and more revenue.

What is the best thing about working in HR?

The diversity of work, from dealing with the nuances of legislation to establishing relationships with a wide variety of people.

What is the worst?

Dealing with those who think that people-related issues are simple and logical.

You have stumbled upon a time machine hidden in the vaults of your company building. What time period would you visit?

The late 19th century, to see how good WG Grace really was on the cricket pitch.

If you could adopt the management style of a historical character, whose would it be?

Robert Owen, the creator of New Lanark, who combined the desire to run an efficient business with the aspiration of ensuring his workforce was treated fairly.

How do you get to work?

Stagger down the stairs.

What would you do if you had more spare time?

Travel with my family – there are so many wonderful places to see in the world.

If you were to write a book, what subject would you write about?

Cheese – the varieties available, how it’s made and what to eat it with. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m hooked.

What is your greatest strength?

Being approachable and keeping a sense of humour at work.

What is your least appealing characteristic?

I’m told it’s snoring.

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