Personnel considered a career for life

Most HR professionals intend to stay in personnel until they retire.

This is a finding of the State of the Profession survey that shows 80 per
cent of HR professionals want to work in personnel for their whole career.

Even in the youngest age group – between 21 to 30 years of age – 78 per cent
believe that HR is their career for life.

HR professionals in the media are the most loyal to the profession with 91
per cent expecting to stay in the discipline.

Those in central government are the most likely to leave HR.

Of the 20 per cent of respondents who expected to leave HR, the most common
destination is general or senior management, closely followed by teaching,
lecturing and consultancy work.

Those who feel they are more likely to leave tended to have already worked
in other areas and not have CIPD qualifications.

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