Personnel Today Awards 2001 update

listed teams for The easycando Award for e-learning

award celebrates HR teams or operational departments which have been innovative
in e-learning. The shortlist comprises teams which have demonstrated that
e-learning use has exceeded its organisation’s expectations. The judge has
picked entries which incorporated web technology and demonstrated a
particularly innovative approach to learning, including evaluation of its

E-learning team

they did

no viable environment for the delivery of online learning in December 2000,
Consignia implemented an externally hosted e-learning portal and learning
management system capable of delivering content to learners via any
Internet-enabled computer. The LMS is integrated with HR systems for the
maintenance of records and has capacity beyond Consignia’s own workforce.

system was deployed across all 31 business units through the work of a
cross-functional group of training, IS strategy and purchasing professionals.
In a break from the usual method of introducing such initiatives, the team
immediately set up a number of foundation projects to introduce the basic
e-learning system rather than running time-consuming pilot projects.

e-learning system has been created and implemented without the help of a single
central sponsor or a dedicated budget. Instead, the team received backing from
an internal innovation fund and tapped into further resources which would have
been spent on piecemeal solutions.

they did it

variety of drivers made it necessary for Consignia to find new ways to deliver
training to staff at all levels. The company has to meet ongoing training
commitments while supporting business change initiatives group-wide.

and achievements

solution has the potential to impact on the development of employees,
suppliers, customers and partners. "The scale of this project is a
significant achievement," says Nigel Marsh, e-learning management services
manager, "The use of external partners in creating the system has also
changed the philosophy of resourcing training services within the company."

July 2001 Consignia sought to upgrade 44,000 business PCs and deploy a standard
set of software. To support this, the e-learning system provided the equivalent
of 29 days of optional training at a cost of £12 per user per year. Without
this infrastructure such training would cost upwards of £4.4m and take up to
three years to complete.


in team 6
Number of employees 240,000

Scottish Equitable
Group training department

they did

the past 10 years the group training department of Scottish Equitable has
delivered high-quality learning materials at a competitive cost to its internal
target audience. As part of this provision the department has developed their
use of e-learning techniques, from simple programmes through to more complex
multimedia presentations incorporating audio and video material. While
delivering principally through localised networks or via CD, a recent project
for the company’s international division resulted in the department adopting
Web development toolsto provide training products via the Internet. The company
is one of a handful of organisations to achieve the British Association for
Open Learning accreditation for Materials Development.

company runs two learning centres, each equipped with multimedia PCs and
holding over 100 multimedia and CBT courses from a variety of providers. A
library offers access to more than 300 books and videos while dedicated staff
ensure students get the most from the facility. The company is planning to open
a third centre in one of their satellite offices.

they did it

training department works closely with internal customers to ensure the
delivery of appropriate and effective training solutions. In one project, the
department is supporting the implementation of a new Common Operating
Environment across the company, collaborating with two external training
providers. Development and consultation procedures aim to maximise the value
delivered by training.

and achievements

2000, the learning centres delivered some 20,000 hours of training, saving over
£150,000 through avoiding the need for classroom courses. "One of our main
achievements is certainly the BAOL accreditation," says group training
manager, Stephen Leitch, "At the same time the increased usage of internal
training materials has made a significant contribution to business
objectives." The provision of e-learning is acknowledged as an important
factor in developing and retaining staff and is viewed as a clear competitive
advantage for the company.


in team 18
Staff responsible for 3,500 (5,000 in Aegon Group)
Multimedia developer Steve Galway  
Learning centre manager Jillian Givan
Multimedia developer Rachel Kewley
Learning centre administrator Sharon Cameron
Multimedia developers Tracey McKenzie and Gordon Hamilton
Training delivery manager Jo Fielding

Investment management
Learning and development team

they did

up with global e-learning solution provider Wide Learning, the HR learning and
development team produced a series of six online learning modules to meet the
needs of regulatory and compliance training. This project has established OWL –
Online with Learning – as a prime delivery channel for training material.

concept was sold across the business, emphasising the flexibility of delivery
to the target audience of fund managers. Employees needed just-in-time learning
to fit around their workload which can fluctuate according to stock market
movements. At the same time, the e-learning solution meant those who already
had the requisite knowledge could simply take a test to prove their skills.

compliance manager can deliver courses to new starters as and when required and
has access to assessment data which indicates when learning objectives have
been met. This information can be passed to the Financial Services Authority as
evidence of the company’s compliance and is protection against costly legal

they did it

the Financial Services and Markets Acts, the Financial Services Authority will
become Gartmore’s statutory regulator on 30 November. This has meant ensuring
the company meets compliance requirements in areas such as money laundering,
data protection and conflicts of interest. At the same time, the company needed
to train 150 people on Information Systems in a two-week timeframe. Both of
these needs indicated that an online learning system would be an ideal solution.

and achievements

have been clear cost benefits through the reduction of classroom training.
Moreover, since the company has only four permanent staff in the learning and
development team, delivering classroom education to meet the FSA’s standards
would be impossible. "We’re trying to work to create an environment of
open learning for all," explains Karen Martin, Gartmore’s learning and
development manager. "We want to move towards a culture of the independent
learner where people have access to the information they need, rather than
relying on subject matter experts in particular fields."


in team 5 (plus one specialist from compliance for course content)
Staff responsible for 850
Senior compliance manager Steve Ellkins
Assistant learning & development manager Beverly Clayton
Learning & development administrator Carrie Ford
Assistant learning & development manager Angela Brier HR development
manager David Kelham
Learning and development manager Karen Martin

Paul McKinlay, Asda Stores


having a viable online environment in place did not put this team off
developing online training for all levels of their business. E-learning is now
used by all 31 business units – a major achievement in such a diverse operation.


commitment to e-learning has been endorsed by the BAOL of Materials Development
accreditation. Online training has led to a significant change in the
development and retention of staff as well as being used to enhance induction
and recruitment processes.


has been developed and implemented as an innovative way to deliver new financial
regulatory and compliance courses to staff.

was a smart move to get the chief operating officer on board.

is a trademark of Futuremedia, a proven provider of effective e-learning
solutions to corporate clients including Ford Motor Company, The Post Office
and BT. The easycando solution provides a single source of market-leading
content, learning management technology, professionalservices and support

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