Personnel Today blogger predicted Junior Apprentice winner after just two episodes

Personnel Today‘s The Apprentice Analysed blog correctly predicted that Arjun Rajyagor would win the BBC spin-off Junior Apprentice after just two episodes of the show.

Binna Kandola, founder and senior partner at business psychologists Pearn Kandola, and author of the blog, forecast in the early stages of Junior Apprentice that Rajyagor would end up victorious.

In just week two of the show, Kandola wrote: “The leader of a not very inspiring bunch to date is Arjun Rajyagor. His willingness to take the responsibility for the presentations showed a focused response to a difficult situation.

“Furthermore, he showed enough self-awareness not only to realise that the early presentations were not good enough but the wherewithal to put it right. The resilience and flexibility displayed have made him my front-runner to date.”

In his latest blog entry, Kandola reflects on why Rajyagor deserved to win.

“He had immediately reflected on the first real negative feedback that he received and adapted his behaviour as a result, he responded well to setbacks, retained a clear focus under pressure and maintained a desire to involve others. My leader since the second programme; he is a deserved winner.”

Kandola had similar success in predicting the winner of last year’s The Apprentice, picking out Yasmina Siadatan after just three episodes.

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