Personnel Today Reading Half Marathon teams’ sponsorship reaches half-way mark

The fundraising effort in support of the Personnel Today teams’ entry into the Osborne Clarke Challenge, part of the Asics Reading Half Marathon, is reaching half-way. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we have so far raised £455 en route to Guru’s target of £1,000.

Now everybody knows that the second half of a marathon is much harder than the first. Elite athletes frequently talk about ‘hitting the wall’ in the latter stages of long-distance races. Please don’t let Guru’s fundraising thermometer hit the wall, or there’ll be broken glass and mercury all over the place, constituting an environmental catastrophe of meteorological proportions.

All corporate sponsors that pledge £25 or more to either or both teams (the boys’ This time it’s Personnel and the girls’ HR Cheetahs) will get a mention in this column, and will feature on our athletic attire and in promotional photos. The higher the pledge, the bigger the logo.Personal sponsorships are also welcome.

For more information,and to sponsor the teams, click here. All proceeds go to The Children’s Trust.

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