Peugeot driving the use of OH

the past two years, Peugeot Citroën has encouraged the 3,000 staff at its Ryton
plant to see the OH department rather than their GP, and some 70 per cent have
done so.

that time, there have been no adverse medical outcomes, said Dr Kneale, and
becoming involved in the pilots was the logical next step. “If you have good
protocols and procedures, then the nursing staff will generally feel confident
about it,” she explained.

an employee has been seen by the OH department, a ‘fitness to work’ report is
prepared for the line manager, although Dr Kneale stresses there is still a
duty of confidentiality to the employee.

deemed fit, a return date is set and, if the employee does not then return, it
becomes an attendance rather than an absence matter, with the prospect of
becoming a disciplinary issue.

GP still retains ultimate medical responsibility so if, after seeing the OH
department, it’s clear that medical intervention is required, the employee
transfers into the usual medical channels.

well as five OH nurses and a doctor, the plant has access to a
physiotherapist and psychotherapist, meaning there is also the option to refer
people on to them.

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