Peugeot manager development

Peugeot has stepped up a gear in the personal development of its dealer
managers by offering a continuous personal development process. The scheme
emphasises the need to manage teams more effectively to achieve higher levels
of customer care.

David Davies, manager, sales training, said this represented a shift in
emphasis for the Peugeot Business Institute. "It was historically a
training department offering a suite of training courses. Now we are trying to
get away from this image to encourage dealers to focus on their own
development," he said.

A new focus on personal development will result in a tailor-made approach
for each individual. Peugeot has fully defined competencies by looking at the
roles and responsibilities of managers within dealerships and specific
knowledge and abilities they need to be effective.

Managers attend an intensive two-day assessment course where their current
capabilities are observed, then a personal action plan is drawn up detailing
learning gaps and appropriate solutions.

The use of a personal coach is a key feature of the process. The coach,
appointed from an outside suppliers, will visit the manager on site every six
weeks for up to two years, enabling learning to be gained on the job through
coaching and mentoring. The coaching will be backed up with computer-based
learning and so minimising the time managers spend away from the workplace.

A pilot scheme on the process has just been run with 16 dealer managers.

Project manager Sue Bradshaw said: "We aim to encourage all our dealer
managers to participate in the new management development process over the next
few years and enjoy the personal and commercial advantages it can bring.

"All managers will also have the option to obtain a Certificate of
Management Studies which will be recognised both within and outside the motor

"The key benefits will be an improved calibre of management leading to
a higher level of sales, increased customer service levels and enhanced job
satisfaction while reducing staff turnover."

There are around 350 Peugeot dealers nationwide. Helping each manager reach
certificate level is expected to cost £8,000.

By Stephanie Sparrow

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