Pfizer hits on formula for sharing skills

new research university in the US has successfully tackled the problem of
knowledge management which dogs many large pharmaceuticals companies, according
to a report by researcher TFPL.

US pharmaceuticals giant has established the Pfizer Research University in
Groton, Connecticut in America as part of its strategy to share its knowledge
among its R&D employees worldwide.

reinforce its global mandate for the university, Pfizer has appointed a
director of learning at the company’s main R&D site in the UK to head up
the PRU initiative in Europe.

appointed a senior management advisory group to oversee the university.

faculty seeks experienced members of staff who act as tutors for less
experienced employees. The experience of these tutors is used to develop a body
of knowledge that can be used in workshops.

are taught through those workshops which simulate workplace scenarios that have
been experienced by the tutor.

can then access web-based resources and call upon the tutor’s advice after the
course is completed.

Ward, author of the report said, “One of the challenges in corporate culture is
for employees to share knowledge with each other.

has tackled this problem and shown that it can be overcome.”

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