Phones 4U rings the HR changes

Mobile phone retailer Phones 4U has appointed a new group HR director as part of a sweeping re-organisation of the company.

Joyce Woodrow, formerly HR director at pub operator Spirit Group, replaces Louise McCarthy who resigned last year.

She will be responsible for HR across the Caudwell Group, which, as well as owning Phones 4U, operates distribution, logistics, airtime provision and repair services.

Woodrow’s appointment is the latest in a series of management changes at Phones 4U over the past few months.

Managing director Peter Green and national sales director Steve Precious are the latest employees to depart from the organisation. They follow

McCarthy – now working as a consultant – and marketing director Paul Ham-burger, who left last autumn.

John Caudwell, the billionaire owner of Phones 4U, has played down the concerns of some staff that the changes will exacerbate problems with the way that commissions and bonuses are being administered.

Some store managers have reportedly complained that bonus payments are being unfairly withheld, but Caudwell said the approach of Phones 4U is to be “fair throughout the business”.

Caudwell is renowned for introducing innovative management techniques at Phones 4U.

Recent examples include banning the use of internal e-mail to increase productivity, offering bonuses of up to £1m for good sales performances, and launching a £5m training academy to boost customer service skills.

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