Piss-poor decision is real kick in the teeth

Those bureaucratic law enforcers have gone and done it again – ruined all HR’s good work in promoting employee engagement.
Following last week’s arrest of dedicated brewery driver Brian Rogers for sampling 20 pints of his employer’s produce before his delivery round, a super-efficient dentist has also found himself up on charges of taking his job too seriously.

Alan Hutchinson, of Batley, Yorkshire, spent most of the week before Easter at a disciplinary hearing at the General Dental Council defending his gallant attempts to reduce his down time and see as many patients as possible each day.

This soulless enforcement body accused him of unprofessional conduct, of all things, just for trying to be as productive as possible.

Among the list of supposed crimes Hutchinson was accused of were:

  • Not wearing gloves to treat patients

  • Not washing his hands between patients

  • Using dental instruments to clean his fingernails and ears and putting them back on a tray for re-use

  • Urinating in a sink in the surgery

  • Treating a patient directly after urinating in a sink, without first washing his hands.

If anything, this list should be typed up and placed on surgery walls to encourage young dentists to save time between patients. However, members of the General Dental Council are probably too busy having cups of tea, using gold-plated lavatories and de-waxing their ears with the finest cotton buds available to mankind to consider the benefits of employee engagement at its best.

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