Plateau demonstrates unified talent management system to Europe’s top HR directors

Plateau will be showing Europe’s top HR professionals at The HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham the latest innovations in talent management software, from social learning to delivering talent management systems to mobile workers.

Now in its ninth year, The HR Directors Business Summit brings together senior HR directors to evaluate current and future trends and their impact on the HR function and corporate strategies. Key themes being covered at the Summit in Birmingham on 24th and 25th January include:

  • Planning for the work practices of the future

  • Implementing change management

  • Managing recruitment and talent in a post recession environment

Among the state-of-the art products and systems impacting the HR function available at the Summit is Plateau Anywhere, a set of capabilities for the mobile workforce that delivers talent management systems to employees and managers on their smartphone or offline laptop.

New mobile features in Plateau Anywhere make learning resources, task lists and performance objectives available to users through a mobile browser across multiple platforms, including Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices. 

Jeff Kristick, Plateau’s senior vice president of marketing, commented: “In today’s work environment, employees are increasingly mobile. Plateau has long recognised and addressed the need for mobility and flexibility in delivering talent management capabilities, and Plateau Anywhere continues to build on these existing capabilities.”

Comprising an Offline Player, Talent Gateway and the new Plateau Mobile, Plateau Anywhere provides users with the ability to access information and complete talent management tasks wherever and whenever they please.

Using Plateau Anywhere, employees can access their to-do list and view mobile-ready learning content from virtually anywhere using a mobile browser. Managers can manage approvals and track employees’ performance objectives on-the-go.

Plateau Anywhere is intended for:

  • Keeping the team on track — Let managers keep track of their team’s goal and performance objectives from anywhere.

  • Mobile sales training — Give “road warriors” the ability to catch up on the latest product features before the big pitch.

  • Learning on the go — Allow employees to review company policies, executive communications or new product launches during their commute or on the next business trip.

Additional information about Plateau Anywhere is available at



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