Plateau Systems delivers platform-as-a-service for talent management cloud

Plateau Systems, a leading provider of enterprise-class SaaS solutions for talent management, has announced Plateau Foundation, the talent management industry’s first platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution, allowing customers to implement specific extensions to the Plateau Talent Management Suite to address their specific business requirements.

According to Heath Williams, vice president of international sales at Plateau: “In Europe, we’re finding that customers are looking for talent management solutions that are easily adaptable to their specific business requirements. It is only now, as technological advances are made, that software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions – such as Plateau Foundation – have the functional breadth and flexibility that they need in order to build and keep their competitive advantage in terms of corporate knowledge and skills.

“Already, we have a number of Europe-based companies, especially in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries, that have expressed an interest in Plateau Foundation,” he added. “This is because the current challenging economic conditions in Europe are forcing companies to think ever more seriously about talent management issues – especially competencies, skills gaps and succession planning.”

“This PaaS offering represents the next generation of talent management solutions,” said Paul Sparta, Plateau Systems’ chairman and CEO. “By evolving our platform and separating talent management extensions from the application code base, Plateau is among the first talent management providers to allow enterprise customers to take advantage of SaaS in a way that also supports their specific talent management processes.”

Plateau’s PaaS solution, a Java-based application extension framework that uses the Spring Framework and Eclipse IDE, provides a flexible and seamless development platform to ensure that customers’ personalised talent management processes and application extensions are preserved during the normal upgrade processes of Plateau’s SaaS application.

In addition to providing support for upgrade compatible extensions, Plateau Foundation facilitates the development of extensions that align with vertical or company-specific requirements, such as government requisition and approval forms and cloud-based business performance measurement systems. Plateau Foundation also uses the security framework and reporting capabilities of the core product – and all extensions automatically inherit those definitions and policies.

“A flexible, unifying platform approach for HR applications can provide significant benefits not just to HR professionals, but also to the IT teams who support them – and to the business as a whole,” said Bruce Guptill, SVP and Head of Research at Saugatuck Technology, Inc.

“It enables company-wide standardisation of data, interfaces and operations, which in turn lead to improved abilities to respond to and manage changes in the business. In turn, this leads to reduced long-term costs through improved efficiencies.

“Such an approach can also significantly reduce the costs of implementation and support. It’s a powerful approach to addressing important HR and business needs and to enabling a competitive future for the business itself.”

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