Plateau Systems extends leadership in eLearning Content Standards

Plateau Systems has become the first major talent management provider to achieve Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004 4th Edition conformance, marking its longstanding commitment to and leadership in eLearning content standards.

Plateau Learning, Plateau’s award-winning learning management system, was validated as SCORM 2004 4th Edition conformant by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), the governing body responsible for the SCORM, an eLearning standards initiative sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD). This conformance assures enterprise and government learning managers that their standards-based content will operate within Plateau’s Talent Management Suite, enabling customers to focus on content delivery instead of interoperability.

As an approved SCORM adopter, Plateau continues its long-standing commitment to international learning standards. Additionally, Plateau Chief Technology Officer Ed Cohen serves as chairman of the Aviation Industry CBT Committee’s (AICC) Training Infrastructure Subcommittee.

“Given the changes in eLearning, we are actively working with these organizations to help simplify the use of the eLearning standards, as well as extending the capabilities defined by the standard to support social learning, simulations, performance data and true delivery of content-as-a-service, “ said Cohen.

“Implementing an effective organization-wide learning strategy requires that the focus stay on the content and the skill gaps the organization needs to fill. By maintaining our commitment to complying with international standards such as SCORM, our customers have outside assurance that their SCORM-compliant content will work in our LMS.”

In order to achieve conformance, Plateau completed a series of self-tests against SCORM 2004 4th Edition, and then submitted the results to ADL, who validated the results. Currently, Plateau is one of only a handful of solutions providers who has achieved SCORM conformance, and the only major talent management vendor to validate its results against SCORM 2004 4th Edition, which was released in 2009.




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