Plea for firms

The Welsh Assembly’s draft economic plan will be ineffective unless
employers become more involved, says CBI Wales.

The assembly wants to create up to 150,000 jobs and raise the gross domestic
product of Wales by up to 10 per cent within 15 years. It believes that raising
skill levels is the answer.

But CBI Wales has criticised the plans for failing to involve employers.
Amanda Wilkinson, senior policy adviser for CBI Wales, said, "One of the
aims of the draft plan is to raise GDP. This can be achieved by attracting
higher-level skilled jobs into the country.

"But we need to look at attracting growth companies into the country
and meeting the business needs of our members."

She believes that employers should be encouraged to develop links with
education and contribute to the curriculum.

CBI Wales also criticised the Welsh Assembly for failing to put a major
employer on the new council for post-16 education.

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