Police Federation angered by pay rise for support staff and PCSOs

Police support staff and police community support officers (PCSOs) have accepted a 2.5% pay deal today – 0.6% above that offered to police officers.

The 70,000 police support staff and 11,500 PCSOs in England and Wales will see their pay backdated to September 2007, in direct contrast to the increase given to police officers, which was outlined last year.

Home secretary Jacqui Smith refused to backdate that 2.5% pay rise to September 2007, effectively reducing it to 1.9% over the year.

In protest, the Police Federation began balloting its members in December over whether it should lobby for their right to strike.

The federation is now furious at the government for treating police officers and staff differently.

“We have absolutely no gripe with police staff, but we are angry at the government for not backdating the pay offer,” a spokeswoman told Personnel Today. “Police officers have to risk their lives every day. Why should desk staff get a higher increase than them?” she added.

A Home Office spokesman told Personnel Today there were no plans to backdate police officer pay. “The home secretary gave the Police Arbitration Tribunal recommendation very careful consideration before making the decision, and it stands,” he said.

Police officers will attend a protest rally organised by the federation on 23 January.

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