Police pay rises delayed

Annual pay rises for police staff have been delayed after the Police Staff Council failed to reach an agreement with unions over officers’ pay.

Unison, which represents 37,000 police staff members (non-officers), said it cannot continue pay negotiations with the Police Staff Council until consensus is reached over police officer pay.

The council submitted a pay claim for a 5% rise in July of this year but Unison said its members would not accept a lower increase than that received by officers, Police Review reports.

Ben Priestley, the national officer for police staff at Unison, said: “In a service that is trying to modernise and trying to be even-handed in the way it employs police staff and officers, it cannot be right that staff should receive pay rises that are less than their police officer colleagues.”

The union said it had written to the Superintendents’ Association and the Police Federation of England and Wales to seek support on the negotiations.


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