Poor management causing under-performance of staff

Ineffective managers are fuelling high staff turnover and causing widespread
employee under-performance, a new survey claims.

The survey by HR consultancy Cubiks shows that 60 per cent of the 450 survey
respondents said they had been forced to leave a company or a role specifically
because of the actions of their manager. More than 70 per cent said that poor
quality line management had caused them to under-perform on a professional

The findings back up Personnel Today’s survey UK Line Managers: Are they
good enough?, in which it was revealed that 73 per cent of the 675 HR
professionals surveyed were concerned about the capabilities of their line

Barry Spence, chief executive of Cubiks, said poor managers can wreak havoc
in organisations, causing problems that extend way beyond their own personal
sphere of influence.

"This survey demonstrates that when people are asked to assume
managerial responsibilities without receiving the appropriate development or
training, they can have a major negative impact on individual motivation
levels, team morale and, ultimately, the bottom line," he said.

When asked to identify the factors that separated the most effective line
managers from others, respondents listed honesty, loyalty and the ability to
both give and receive personal feedback consistently as the most positive
managerial traits.

Nelson Mandela was identified as the best managerial role model from public
life for his ability to inspire people to work towards a common goal. Other
leading figures named by respondents included Richard Branson, Bill Clinton,
Jack Welch, Ghandi and Winston Churchill.

By Quentin Reade


The Personnel Today UK Line Managers: Are They Good
Enough? survey, sponsored by Computers In Personnel and produced in association
with Richmond Events, polled almost 700 senior HR professionals and highlighted
significant skills gaps at line manager level in areas critical to productivity
and competitiveness.  To buy a copy, go
to www.personneltoday.com/resources

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