Poorly-qualified miss learning opportunities

Graduates employed at large private sector organisations receive the most
training at work, according to a CIPD report.

Who Learns at Work? finds that part-time employees with few educational
qualifications are least likely to receive training.

The survey of 743 employees shows that employees in this category are three
times more likely to turn down training than their graduate counterparts.

The study reveals that more than half of all respondents think the best
training is ‘being shown how to do things and practicing them’.

A further 16 per cent cite ‘learning from colleagues and people you work
with’ as the most effective way of being trained.

Survey author, CIPD training and development adviser Mike Cannell, warned
employers to invest in training for all staff.

"Most training effort and expenditure goes on management," he

"This is justified because the well-being of an organisation depends on
properly informed managers making the right decisions, but this emphasis may
mean that the needs of other parts of the workforce are overlooked."


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