Postgraduate Certificate in HR Management, University of Hertfordshire

How long?
Students will be expected to complete the certificate in one academic year, whether the course is taken on a full-time or part-time basis. The timetable will generally include one afternoon and one evening per week, although this will depend on the choice of optional subjects.

Entry qualifications
Applicants will be expected to have a ‘good’ UK honours degree (normally a 2:1 classification) or a comparable qualification. Otherwise, they will need at least five years’ full-time experience in HR management, or other appropriate experience.

Students must take the following modules to complete the postgraduate certificate: personnel practice and perspectives, labour law, and organisational behaviour. If they wish to continue their academic progress, students can take a further eight modules to achieve a postgraduate diploma, and another 12 for a Masters award.

Career opportunities
Achieving the postgraduate certificate is the first step towards achieving a Masters award, and most students will have this as their ultimate aim. However, the certificate does provide a good grounding in its own right for those working in HR management. Those taking the course will typically include personnel managers, line managers, consultants and equal opportunities officers.

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